The (Mostly) Complete Listing of Known GODS

This page is going to be the main page of a searchable list of all entities commonly referred to as "GODS". you will eventually be able to search by Name, Religion, Area-of-Expertise (eg, war, death, thieves, etc...)

LINKS to more info:

On the LINKS page there will be various links to the various religious sites, churches, and game publishing houses that I derived this info from. There is one page counter I am testing here, please do not be alarmed.

submit a new god for review:

If you know of a GOD, GODS, GODDESS, or yes, GODDESS'S that have not been included in this list, and would like me to add it, go to the SUBMISSIONS page, and it will be reviewed, and added shortly thereafter. ("shortly" being defined as "whenever i get a round tuit")

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